Thursday, 25 December 2014

The End and The Start

Its one of them moments.

Inspiration that has come from talking, thinking and now doing.

Finally writing a blog, a personal insight into the strange and odd workings of my head.
What better way to do this but on Christmas day, miracles happen, and here i am writing... its fair to say I'm not academically charged, but lets give this a go, hopefully pictures and brief recollections of the adventures ahead will do the talking for me.

Its the end of 2014 and the start of 2015 and the start of my blogging.
The year in brief has been brilliant and has hopefully secured my place in the outdoors.
Countless trips to the Lake District and North Wales, has seen my climbing skill and level of safety multiply ten fold. A lot of this is down to a good friend Olly Roberts, a newly qualified and young MIA with a true passion for climbing, i couldn't of got to this point without the input and hours spent hanging of rock faces and scouring the weather forecasts with him.
2014 has given me many professional outdoor qualifications, a hope for one day to become an MIA and who knows maybe i might even make it to become a guide, or maybe thats just a dream i will hold on to for as long as possible.

Outside of the climbing world, my level 2 paddle sport coach assessment was passed along with becoming a Technical terrain MTB instructor, its been a mad 2 months including the change of weather at work... double waterproofing is always a pleasure.

The week ahead including new year will hopefully bring the first mixed ice and rock route of this winter in the lakes, and a trip skiing/touring over new year. Thats it for rambling on with this post.

Happy Christmas, get writing your tick lists, its winter !!!

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